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What’s better than having fresh herbs right on the kitchen counter? They’re fresher, tastier and more nutritious than store bought herbs! Not only does the UrbiPod provide this but it also takes all the guesswork out of growing, it provides all the water, nutrients, and light you need to grow almost anything, all you need to do is fill up the water bottle when necessary.

Now with the full spectrum lighting the opportunities to grow are even greater. The new UrbiPod allows you to grow anything from edible flowers, strawberries and tiny tim tomatoes. With the simple design of the pod, it also allows you to easily switch in and out different pods as well as transplant pods outside with ease.

Comes ready assembled - just 5 easy steps to get growing, with everything you need to start growing fresh herbs is right in the box:

  • Starter pack of 4 seed varieties - cress (2) parsley, basil and rocket 
  • Packet of 5 all natural made to measure coir growing discs
  • 250 ml bottle of all-natural liquid nutrient
  • 4 individual detachable growing Pods (white) 
  • Water bottle and valve, electrical cable, LED light halo 
  • Instructions
  • Dimensions: Weight 3.5 kg; H: 40cm D: 30cm: W: 30cm