Alchemist Series
Alchemist Series

Alchemist Series

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These are aromatic PUREFUMES/ EDU TOILETTE 

As the French believe it’s all in the layering of scent the alchemist series was developed.

a choice of 3 scents for those who love woods, florals, or herbs

The Arborist consist of sandalwood, cedarwood, budha wood, Davana , vanilla extract , women’s blend of assorted oils. 

Interestingly this scent due to Davana oil will smell different from one person to the next and the oil itself really interacts with the skin making each person who wears it have their own signature blend cool is that...

The Florist consist of Rose, Sandalwood, Petitigrain, Jasmine, Neroli, Grapefruit

This combo may seem simple but it is refined and elegant and old world, think of the smell you get when walking through a florist shop,  it’s not only the flowers or roses you smell but the greenery and twigs aswell.... this is not bold and overpowering  but lingering & captivating....

The Botanist consist of Pink Pepper, Basil, Coriander, Ginger, Spearmint, Tulsi, Blue lotus, Buddha wood

An aroma like no other this is such a refreshing blend and the hint of spearmint, the elegance of blue lotus and the luxury of the holy basil aka tulsi make for a blend like no other.

The body mist is made with 80% GF alcohol, vit e, veg glycerine, distilled water.

The Purefume is made with Org jojoba oil,