Babies Essentials

Babies Essentials

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A selection of the go to oils for newborn babies and mums.

Frankincense - Baby Jesus was given Frankincense at his birth - it is the king of oils - assisting and supporting the immune system, brain and all round body support

Copaiba - A must supports digestive, nervous system and teething 

Lavender - Tranquility and calming - known to reduce stress and support good sleeping patterns.

TeaTree - antibacterial - not only good for cleaning but assists with little ears, immune system, viral and bacterial infection support.

DigestZen - The game changer oil for digestive and reflux issues - having medically proven the effects of Peppermint oil - (now known to treat IBS) this blend has oils known to support the digestive system and bowel - aiding colic, reflux, constipation and general tummy well being.

FCO - Fractionated Coconut oil 115ml

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