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Buy Blants Magnesium Chloride Flakes bulk wholesale or retail. They are harvested from the Dead Sea in the Middle East, the deepest hyper-saline lake in the world, reaching deep into the earths' crust where ancient minerals deposits are still abundant!   The salt is harvested by utilizing natural solar energy that evaporates the water in the Dead Sea, naturally concentrating the salt to a level much higher than you will typically find in other brands.

o how do we manage to sell them for this incredible price? Are they really a good quality salt? Are there additives? Good questions, and ones we are often asked. Magnesium Chloride  generally originates from one of two sources. Both these sources boast there salt is Food grade standard and we don't dispute that.  Problem is, when a product is labeled Food grade or pharmaceutical grade the price goes through the roof! Partly because of associated costs but also because the companies choose to profit from their accreditation.  Blants searched for an alternative supplier. Our chosen supplier produces a high quality non-certified Mag Chloride and thus saves in production costs. They provide us with a C of A which authenticates its quality. We also have it analysed in an Australian Lab using the same benchmarks the two major suppliers use. There are definitely no additives added, and no heavy metals! The result is an affordable Magnesium Chloride Flake suitable for bath salt, foot soak or spray.

[Please note: Although our salts are compliant to Food Codex specifications they are not sold for food use, but for bath & cosmetic use.]

Magnesium Health Benefits

Benefits Of Magnesium Chloride

It is well documented that most of the magnesium in oral capsule supplements is lost in the digestive system or eliminated by the body, not reaching the cells that need it! Natural Magnesium Chloride Flakes

Transdermal Magnesium Chloride absorption through the skin such as in a bath or spray is a far superior method for safely increasing magnesium levels in the body, particularly useful for relieving sore muscles and joints, reducing pain related to functional magnesium deficiency and for replenishing depleted soft tissues.  It also assists to help calm nerves and reduce systemic bodily stress. There is simply nothing else that so quickly, easily and safely raises magnesium levels in the body. It is an essential catalyst for many enzyme reactions, especially in regard to cellular energy production, for the health of the brain and nervous system and also for healthy teeth and bones. Magnesium in the form of magnesium chloride is also an impressive infection fighter, and it is necessary for the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and amino acids. You can also mix Magnesium Chloride Flakes in the bath with sodium bicarbonateor use our Natural Magnesium Oil spray to enhance magnesium benefits.

Additional benefits of magnesium chloride flakes include greater energy, more relaxed muscles [and stronger connective tissues], better sleep, improved mental function, alleviate headaches, arterial health, better reproductive function, and better hormonal balance for men and women [and reduced PMS].  In addition, magnesium maintains the detoxification of toxins and metabolic waste products.  Magnesium Chloride also acts as an effective full body tonic increasing energy, strength and endurance related to the 350 enzymes directly related to magnesium.

Transdermal Magnesium application can help with the removal of toxins and heavy metals at a cellular level.  Assists with the rejuvenation of sun damaged skin, sunspots, healthy hair and wrinkle reduction.  Magnesium is directly linked to the body's production of DHEA, often called the 'Feel Good Hormone'.  DHEA levels dramatically decline with age.  Magnesium deficiency has been linked to decreased memory and learning ability.  Increasing Mg levels can improve cognitive function in children, the elderly, and those involved in stressful study.  27% of magnesium is found in the muscles.  Transdermal Magnesium application can rapidly relieve muscle pain andreduce cramps associated with magnesium deficiency.  Magnesium is a most important mineral supplement due to its loss through sweat.  It can reduce fatigue and stress and is a component of every healthy muscle cell.  Transdermal Magnesium application can help to relax and balance the nervous system to counter the stresses of modern life.  Magnesium improves the immune system as a healthy immune system is driven by white blood cells that require good magnesium levels.  Magnesium is essential to balance calcium intake.

A Common Question Asked:

Difference between Epsom Salts & Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salts) & Magnesium Chloride are both Magnesium Salts, and many ask what the difference is between the two products.
Blants can unequivocally provide an answer without bias because we sell both products, so no bias, just facts !
Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salts) is magnesium bound to sulphates, and Magnesium Chloride is magnesium bound to chlorides. Since both products contain magnesium, we are also often asked which product is more beneficial Epsom Salt or Magnesium Chloride ?

Now, when either Magnesium Chloride or Epsom Salt (magnesium sulphate) are diluted into water the bonds separate, and for better understanding, if both products were diluted into the bath water at the same time we would have 3 separate minerals:

  1. Magnesium on its own
  2. Sulphates on their own
  3. Chlorides on their own

As the bonds separate, we would uptake those 3 elements separately. Therefore, whether the Magnesium is initially bound to Chlorides or Sulphates becomes inconsequential as it is no longer bound to either, but is readily up-taken as Magnesium !

Now, although Magnesium is in both products & both have similar levels of Elemental Magnesium, the Chlorides & Sulphates it’s initially bound to are Equally important as EACH one plays a different important role within the body, and each provide different essential elements. Chlorides assist with things like Electrolytes & Digestionwhich you can read about on the respective links, and you can read about the benefits of Sulphates on our Autism page which also applies to many of us in the community in general & not just for those that are on the spectrum.

Bottom line is both Magnesium Chloride & Epsom Salts are equally beneficial to the body, as each provides different essential elements, and transdermal therapy is by far the best method of absorption. Alternating between the two products can be very beneficial, thus replenishing cells with all three minerals, or you can use either product depending on individual needs.

Use Magnesium Chloride Flakes

Suggested Use

Add 2 - 3 cups of Blants Magnesium Chloride Flakes to warm bath water, soaking for a minimum of 20 minutes.  Research suggests very hot bath water encourages excretion rather than absorption.

In cases of severe magnesium (Mg) depletion, increase the amount and frequency until magnesium levels are increased to an acceptable reference range.

Use in bath soaks, foots soaks, face & body scrubs, and in many other applications.

Magnesium Chloride Flakes in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth with delivery discounts for multiple items, and to some areas the 2nd, 3rd or 4th item is free shipping to your door, how good is that !

* Not for medical or pharmaceutical use