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In this consult we dive into scanning the body via multiple programs

We will then do a micro current 50 min frequency therapy of the most relevant program for your body at the time of assessment.

You will receive email with all relevant information - including Vital substances, Digital nutrition, Bach flowers, Schuessler salts.

Everything in the universe is composed of frequencies. Each organ or cell in the body emits specific waves.

When a part of the body does not resonate at its natural and harmonic frequencies, there is an imbalance. This can lead to illness.

The objective of the Healy is :

  • To perform a frequency scan of the body.
  • To send the corrective frequencies that the cells need.

These are low-intensity electromagnetic signals that are not harmful to health.

During the body scan, the quantum sensor is able to define the current needs with great precision.

The application then suggests a personalized program.


Programs - included learning, job, gold programs, biogentic balance, meridians, chakras, sleep, mental balance, job, skin/beauty, pain, fitness - much more