Intuitive wellness Program

Intuitive wellness Program

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A 14 week personalised program to assist and promote proactive health.

Often we treat the head and the body separate, loss touch of listening to our physical body and not intuitively trusting our own thoughts and reasons.

In a digital age - we are bombarded with so much information we have made life and choices complex and neglected to see we are simplistic creatures who in turn often have tools within ourselves to unlock and support our own healing - whether that be from environmental stresses, emotional and traumatic issues, generational, physical - our body knows it all.

In this program we allow you to unlock your primary need you feel is an area to expand and work on within self.  Through the process of the consult and with the help of our bio resonance we can identify where the source may lie - tapping into the subconscious and bringing to surface the "shadows"

We often don't realise cause and effect can have impacts in more than one aspect of our life and our physiology.  By tuning in and identifying and aiding what arises we can potentially assist our body as a whole.

Healy - is a medical device that uses individualized frequencies to help balance mind, body and to relieve stress.

ITOVI is a unique device that helps you determine which products your body has a strong response to through galvanic skin response

What the program includes:-

  •  welcome pack with info and resources and add ons if need*
  •  initial consult 1 - 2 hours with detailed scans 
  • 2nd week - follow up consult 1 hour including micro current therapy
  • daily remote quantum scans 3 times a day
  • Protocol essential oils kit with membership and diffuser **
  • custom Oiligraphics elixir blend formulated on results
  • 2 diffuser blends for each week of the program
  • ceremonial cacao for promoting health and wellbeing through selfcare.
  • organic tea blends for daily use for each week of program
  • Notebook, resources and additional information
  • access to our oil education group 
  • Notebook

** If you already utilise essential oils and have diffuser you can get the program at a reduced cost. 


I understand the services are provided by Thoughtful Pantry in her capacity as a wellness and coaching consultant, and not as a registered medical practitioner, therapist, legal practitioner or financial professional. I acknowledge that these services do not constitute medical treatment, clinical therapy or a legal, financial or medical opinion, nor are they intended to be a substitute for the services of registered medical, clinical or other professionals. I understand that the services are not intended to prevent, cure or treat any mental disorder or medical disease.