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These are our most popular blends. 

Blends that have been formulated for a specific "purpose" - whether for physical support or emotional wellbeing.

Unlike other Oiligraphic blends these have taken more than a day to customise - infused with organic herbs and botanicals in such a way that they help extend shelf life without any nasties in them or compromising their therapeutic properties.


UNWIND - aka sleep assist blend - to not only help one wind down to go to sleep but maintain sleep, this blend will help support tension and anxiety

*juniper berry * copaiba * vetiver * lavender * infused org hemp & FCO with org St John's Wort & org chamomile

DETOX - to assist us to eliminate chemicals and toxins from our bodies. This blend is most effective when used daily before bed and as soon as you wake.  The blend is to be applied to the back near where kidneys located - after applying drink as soon as possible at least one glass of water to help flush the body.  

geranium * celery seed * basil * tangerine * cilantro * infused org hemp & FCO oil with calendula, rose & rosehip 

INNER BEAUTY - a great blend to help restore and nurture our body.  A great gift or for a bit of self care and pamper.  This blend whilst is such a fantastic PUREFUME - it has oils that are known to support cells, rejuvenate skin and support us through the changes of life.  Targeting the integumentary system it can help assist with blemishes and bruises and eye health

geranium * yarrow pom * anti aging blend * copaiba * sandalwood * infused org hemp & FCO oil with org rose, chamomile & calendula

DEFENCE- fundamentally the blend of all blends - always when you think of immune blends you think of someone being unwell and needing some help to restore and assist the process of being well - but really a blend such as this does soo much more - oils that help as a protector and provide us with tools to build immune system so when we are under threat whether due to seasonal changes or run down and overstressed.  Turmeric helps with inflammatory responses, oregano to assist bacterial predators, Copaiba to help the nervous system, immune and gut.

lemon * tea tree * oregano * copaiba * turmeric * black pepper *pine *thyme infused hemp & FCO oil with St John's Wort & org chamomile

RENEWAL -  A game changer blend - overall wellness is the key - a blend with powerful essential oils that have been shown to improve and support inflammation in the body - whether joint or muscle related, internal inflammation, thyroid support, tension, improve cells and overall immune system...

frankincense * wintergreen * marjoram * turmeric * lemongrass * copaiba* infused org hemp & FCO oil with calendula, rose & rosehip