Moon Phase TRIO
Moon Phase TRIO

Moon Phase TRIO

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This series can be bought as a TRIO or each item individually.

Recently I have learnt that it is important for us not only to watch what we eat and support our emotional wellbeing BUT as women we have a cycle that stands through the ages as a guide for us to know how not only be more intuned with ourselves and our body.  the importance of knowing there is a time a set time we should be active and a time for being inactive.

The WAXING PHASE - A time we should properly use - this is the time we should schedule our lives in the doing, social interactions and being most creative.  Whilst we do that in our active stage we can help our body not be worn down, fatigued and help boost our mental clarity.. this is the "active stage from after we stop bleeding to ovulation" the combination of oils in this series is to support our mind, energy and adrenals and help FLOW....

The WANING PHASE - A time we must drawn inward, retreat and relax - our body is going through its only detoxification, release and letting go and to help that space we need to allow the body the right time to rest and restore and for our minds to calm down and to find SOLACE..... 

The more we can truly understand about these seasons within ourselves and embrace - the better equipped in life we will become both socially, vitality and being more productive and reaching our full potential.


The TRIO - is your daily start or morning routine.

SALTS - for dry brushing prior to showering

BODY OIL -  apply directly on skin after showering before drying.

BODY MIST - to lift and evoke the mind aswell as layering the oils.