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This collection was inspired by my love for all things bright and retro.

Unlike other collections of Oiligraphics which are formulated for therapeutic & emotional support - these are fun PUREFUME blends.

A play of famous 60's sayings


Don't have a cow - copaiba, ylang ylang,wild orange, budha wood, calming blend, FCO infused with vanilla

Wallflower - calming blend, respiratory blend, vetiver, copaiba, bergamot, sandalwood, FCO infused with rose & vanilla

Chill'n - juniper berry, massage blend, lemon, budha wood, clary sage, FCO

Cats Pjamas - spearmint, wild orange, ylang ylang, rose, star anise, FCO infused with rose & vanilla

Happiness - patchouli, neroli, frankincense, wild orange, lemon myrtle, clove, star anise, FCO infused with vanilla